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Web Site Access and Cookies

We use cookies on this website. Crimson Moon does not use cookies to collect personal data about you, your computer, what you do here or did elsewhere. We use cookies to legally cover our own behinds, and for site management purposes only. For details about our use of cookies, continue reading.

If you had your browser set to refuse cookies, you could not be reading this page as it is inaccessible without a cookie! When you access our index page, we set a cookie when you click the "Yes, I agree. Let me in." link. A new cookie is set each day that you access the web site, and is good for that day. When you go to any page within the website, that page reads the cookie, determines that it was set that day, and loads the page. No current cookie, no page. This method prevents people from bookmarking any page other than the index page and linking in without accepting the legal disclaimer on the index page. Our purpose here is to protect ourselves from some overzealous persecutor in some Bible Belt backwater getting elected to higher office by prosecuting us for violating their local law! Don't laugh folks, it has already happened, and the poor schmo webmaster spent time in jail.

A second purpose is to force everyone to enter through the index page, and submit themselves to the filtering software codes. You've heard of "NetNanny", "SurfWatch" and similar software designed to prevent kids from accessing inappropriate sites? Well, we feel a moral obligation to enable our site for such filtering by parents. There is no legal obligation, as nothing on this site is even remotely obscene, but we feel a responsibility to enable parents to regulate what their kids see. Thus we force those kids to enter through the index page, on which hidden codes are installed for this purpose.

Application Form Data

People who wish to attend Crimson Moon LLC sponsored parties and events are required to become members by filling out an application form, on which they provide us with their real name, address, phone number, etc. It is the obligation of Crimson Moon LLC to protect this information from compromise, and to keep it secure. What we promise to do and how we do it is the subject of this section.

The application form can be filled out in one of two ways: The easiest and most popular way is to fill out our Online application, which is what most people do these days. Sending this information online constitutes your signature. You can also fill out a hard copy paper form, which requires your signature for the legal disclaimer and waiver. Hard copies can either be hand delivered, or sent via US Mail to our mailing address; Thus, it is completely secure from interception. Only three people are, in theory, permitted access to the physical form and its data. They are the President, Vice President, and Secretary/Treasure of our Corporation.

The President brings the forms of those attending a party with him to the party site, keeping them locked in his hotel room. The purpose of this, as stated in the FAQ, is to be able to provide identification to the police should a crime requiring their involvement be committed by a person attending the party. Absent such a crime, there would be no reason for Crimson Moon to provide identification of anyone to the police, and we would not do so without a subpoena.

It should be noted that the Supreme Court has ruled that private member organizations such as ours, cannot be forced to provide our membership list to the police, even by subpoena. Such legal protection does not extend to our mailing list however, which would include not only all actual members, but also those who merely make an inquiry, a purchase, or ask us a question The entire Fetlife group membership would also be included in this category.

Manual Ordering Process

You mail the completed order form with your check or money order for payment to our mailing address. The US Mail may be presumed to be completely secure. Once we receive your order, we process it, deposit your check, mail your goods as you specified, and file the completed order form away. Only two people ever have physical access to that order form, namely our President and Vice-President. One of these two individuals fills the order and maintains custody of the order form.

Mailing List

All email we send is done using the "bcc" (blind carbon copy) technique to prevent each recipient from knowing the identity of the other recipients. Our ISP would be able to reconstruct that information should they receive a subpoena to do so, and mailing list contents are not protected by that Supreme Court ruling previously mentioned, that protects actual membership lists from exposure. Some people do not have computers and email access. Obviously, they aren't reading this! We serve those people with occasional mailings using the US Mail. Mailing labels for that mailing are prepared on the computer of our President, and security of that list depends on the physical security of said computer.

Fetlife Groups

We support a group on the website, Fetlife, with more than 2000 members. Members of this group are NOT necessarily members of Crimson Moon LLC, unless they have actually applied for membership and attended a party. Anyone can be a member of the Fetlife group. As such, you must conduct yourself as though there are potential enemies lurking on the list seeking to gather damaging personal data about other members! Cyberspace is a jungle, and only you can protect yourself from harm. People have been known to harvest screen names from Fetlife groups, by accessing the member list of the group. Considerable commercial spam is sent using that method for gathering email addresses. You should presume such a thing can and will happen to you, and whoever gets your name intends to do you harm. Protect yourself! Crimson Moon LLC is not responsible for harmful actions committed by any member of the groups.

Call our voice mail hotline at 484-587-6489 and leave a number where we can return your call.
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