Crimson Moon Memories

Want to learn something about what it is like to attend a Crimson Moon spanking party? Well, look no further than these short, and some not so short, favorite memories from actual members:


Being one of the old biddies at CM, one my favs is Vince's "Take Pictures" lines, said frequently at parties.

MoonMan paying Sarahnade $5 to let Imlx spank her - one of those you would have had to been there...

It was at vending, but seeing big Jim after 20+ years

Big Jim on the spanking bench!

When the old Purple Hotel scheduled a children's party in the room next to ours. We had to be quiet until after 10!!

It was pajama party night. We had most of the top 2 floors booked to CM members. I had just arrived and was riding the elevator up to my room. There was a group of teenaged soccer players staying at the hotel and elevator riding was recreation to the boys. At the time it was taboo to hang out in the hallways of the hotel so I wasn't too concerned that the two teens would be subjected to any of our activities when they didn't get off the elevator at the 3rd floor. Ding, 4th floor, door opens to Vince sporting a manly plaid robe and on his arm, a willowy, thin, lady wearing the most completely see through nighty I've ever seen. Attempting to block the view of the young men, I said "you can't get on this elevator." Vince stepping forward, and me blocking him and her from gaining entrance, "give her your robe!" At which he promptly tore open his robe and flashed me his naked body! Shaking my head and laughing, I hit the close door button and told them to wait for the next elevator. I must have chuckled to myself for hours. You never know what lurks around the next corner.


Seeing Big Jim having to bend over to come in the doorway of my room so he could introduce himself, and then realize that he already knew me from the Leather Rose.


Ticket= $50
Room= $89
Mike catching me naked in the pool... Priceless.

My first party July 2008. London Tanner showing me proper caning technique for use on CheryKay and others.

Among my faves: My very first party in March of '94. My plane got in early, so I checked in at the hotel and went looking for people. I ended up sitting on the floor, waiting, with Mark the Shark, who was also attending his first party. Suddenly, Mike walks in with bags of stuff, looks down at us and growls, "you waiting for the party?" We kind of nodded, yes, and he said, "go downstairs and grab some stuff," which we did. And that was the start of a weekend that changed my life. My "Scene" wedding to T, which came a few months after our actual wedding. We had almost the entire party crowded into the suite where the ceremony was being held (we have a video of this somewhere). When it came to the "love, honor, obey" part, things got twisted around as the person officiating demanded proof I would obey T, and I suddenly found myself over her lap in front of the entire assemblage, all of whom were cheering her on as she WAILED away on my ass with a hairbrush. It was all hysterically funny!

My first CM party was the last March party. It was my birthday weekend. I had just met Big Jim in the hallway and I must have been looking lost b/c he asked if I needed help. I said yes! He took me to Mike's room and introduced me to Mike. It was still early so I couldn't register yet, so I went back to my room. I went down to the party room at 5:00 or 6:00 to register, and I was sitting at a table with a couple of other newbies. Big Jim comes over to me takes my hand and we go up to my room and he gives me my first CM spanking. It was great! :-)

Sitting in the party room with Medium Jim, and a couple other people at the Purple Hotel, and the window just falls into the room. No one near it, no idea why it happened. I think that's also the weekend we broke at least one bed. Same party, I said fuck in front of Big Jim and he reached for me and I tried to get away by climbing across the beds. He just took 2 steps, grabbed me and I got a serious lecture and spanking about cussing was not ladylike.

I don't bottom very much. And when I do, sometimes it doesn't work for me. I am a natural top, not a natural bottom, but I really like it when that occasional bottoming situation clicks. I had a scene at CM once that did. The man responsible is not currently scheduled to attend this year, and I am hoping that changes. He'll know who he is.

Can't recall which hotel...about 20 of us were watching Sam from Indianapolis taking care of one of my bottom friends. Being the helpful onlooker, I pointed out how she was yawning, tying his shoelaces together, etc, etc, and rather enjoyed the reactions of both. Wanting to share the joy, she happily traded places with me... and damned if I didn't get the giggles. The harder Sam hit, the more I laughed... one implement after the other came out of his enormous bag! And all I could do was giggle and laugh. Finally, the only thing left was the empty bag. He had her load everything back in the bag... zipped it closed... then spanked me with the bag! At this point all 20-some of us were laughing hysterically and passing the Kleenex to wipe the tears from all the merriment!

I'm trying to think back over ten years of memories with CM...being in Chicago when my beloved Cardinals won two World Series (2006 and 2011) are definite highlights. In 2006, the morning after that year's WS win, my sister, Cigi and another lady were walking to a bagel place near the Purple Hotel and Cigi was proudly wearing her Cardinal jacket. People were honking at her, cussing at her and flipping her off. You gotta love that Chicago hospitality LOL.On a spanking-related note, I guess my first party in March, 2003 stands out. Cigi and I were staying with another CM member and on Saturday morning she got us up with pumpkin waffles and bacon. I also remember (with some amazement) that this lady got the man who came over to get a tape that had stuck in her VCR to spank her. I still shake my head at that one LOL.

The look on Megan's face at her first CCM, when she realized how Mike was counting her B'day Swats Crimson Moon Style 1, 1-2, 1-2-3. 1-2-3-4, that is about the time it dawned on her...

I would have to say I have 2, the first was the kindness everyone showed me when I came to my first party, with Bells Palsy and a face that didn't move and all of you acted like it was nothing. Even though I am not a spanko, you have made me part of your family and I love starting each and every one of you on fire. The second was auctioning off Big Jim spankings, he thought that none of you would ever pay to see him get spanked. I smile through tears at this happy memory, and I know that he secretly thought it was pretty cool.

I remember my first party at the hotel that changed names several times on Mannheim Rd. I was scared beyond belief, but after I gave that first spanking I was over it. That is when I first met Vince, Mike, Bonnie, a couple of young ladies from Detroit, and a few women that were also at their first spanking party. The party room was on the top floor. A good time was had by all. I also remember the seven other hotels that followed including the infamous Purple. Lots of fond memories over the years.

oh gosh - here's another: Purple Hotel... a group of us headed to a nearby deli for breakfast... the place was jam packed full...the guys were being grumpy...toast too hard, coffee too cold... drove the waitress nuts....until she finally stopped dead in her tracks, hands on hips and declared in no uncertain terms "If you boys don't stop acting like children, I swear I'm going to spank you!" At which point Vince showered some of us with the coffee he just choked on! She received a special invitation to join us that night....but I'm sure she chickened out!

The Purple Hotel, alone, furnished us enough stories to last two lifetimes. My favorite (and this is a story that has been told many a time before), occurred the first night of a party eight or nine years ago. A few hours before the party started, a group of us (11 or 12 people) went into the dining room to get something to eat. This was prior to the time Crimson Moon began serving dinner every night of the party. The Purple Hotel's dining room was cavernous, decorated like something out of the Catskill Mountains, circa 1950. Aside from our group, however, the place was empty, save for one couple at another table across the restaurant. Even so, we sat there for close to an hour with nary a wait-person in site. When someone finally did show up to take our order, we were all ravenous and looking at each other, like the cartoon where a starving Daffy Duck looks at Bugs, and all he sees is a nicely cooked turkey dinner. Anyway, the waiter went round the table taking our orders. Finally he got to Medium Jim, who ordered a hamburger. When the waiter asked Jim if he wanted a seeded or unseeded bun, he thought about it for a second and decided, "unseeded." Orders taken, the waiter disappeared once again. Another 45 minutes passed, and we were all in various stages of disgust. We'd have complained, if there'd been anyone in sight to complain to. Finally, our waiter appeared with, lo and behold, a tray of food. So now it's about five minutes until the official start of the party, and we're just being served. When the waiter sets his burger down in front of Medium Jim, he sees that the bun is seeded. "I asked for an unseeded bun," Jim says, innocently enough. Without missing a beat, the waiter picks up Jim's plate, picks up a knife, scrapes the seeds (and a good bit of the bread) off the top of the bun, and resets it in front of Jim, who just looks dazed and confused. As the waiter walked away, everyone in the group looks at Jim, the bun and the departing waiter, and we all just lost it. I think that one moment defines our time at the Purple Hotel better than anything else ever could.

I always enjoyed playing "Guess The Stain" with the carpet in the different rooms at the Purple Hotel LOL.


A relative n00b at CM compared to everyone else that has posted, my favorite memories have to be any mealtime when I was seated near Big Jim and Rad. The hilarity that spewed forth from those two had me, on multiple occasions, nearly doing a spit take that would make Danny Thomas proud!

My favorite story still has to be the time we shared the hotel we were at with a group of nuns. I must admit I don't remember who this happened to, but I'm sure somebody else will recall the name. As usual, we had our name tags with the colored dots and the words "Crimson Moon". A few of our people were on the elevator when several nuns got on with them. One of them looked at the name tags and asked, "What's Crimson Moon?" One of the men told her, "It's an astronomy group." And just as he was mentally patting himself on the back for some quick thinking, the oldest nun in the group looked at him and said, "You're not fooling us, son. You're with that spanking party."

1. Meeting the Doublemint Twins at my first party when I was not only by myself but had to arrive late on Friday night. They were super friendly, went out of their way to introduce me to everyone, including Big Jim.
2. Spending hours with Big Jim, talking and hanging out, and laughing and on rare occasions, spanking.
3. Evil Morgan and Suburban Spanker double-strapping me.
4. Getting little messages in our "mailboxes" -- that feature is one thing I love about CM because if you're shy about asking someone to play you can do it this way. I don't know any other party that does that. (I have a little love note that Rad left in my mailbox a couple years ago. I keep it in my wallet.)
5. Alex's complete and scary transformation when he started speaking Russian during a spanking.
6. Hanging out for hours and hours with my family.

Who can forget that night in the party room when Richard became my demo bunny and I instructed the Tops in attendance on the proper way to use a strap! We still laugh ourselves to tears over that one! I know I swore everyone in attendance to secrecy because I am neither a switch nor a Top; however, sometimes you just gotta step up to the plate when you see so many who just can't aim right.... yanno?

Well I have a number of favorite stories. The first is when two ladies knocked on the door of my room and said I needed a spanking, now I am a switch but their direct approach was a first. After surveying my toy bag they picked up two short dressage whips asked if I had ever felt those. I said no, I only used them on other folks. They said, "It's your turn now,"; and proceeded to whip away at my defenseless bottom. When they had applied sufficient damage, one picked up a hairbrush and the other a bath brush and double teamed me over their knees. I begged for mercy and I asked what I had done to deserve the punishment. They said "nothing, you just looked like you deserved it," and then in a flash there were out of my room looking for the next victim. I think that was my second or third party but it was memorable. I guess the moral of the story if you are a switch be prepared to have anything in your toy bag used on you.

It was my first CM party and besides all the usual goings-on (which took some getting used to), Yoni and Tasha were having their spanko wedding ceremony. As Yoni mentions, somehow he ended up over her knee getting whaled on. After the usual Yoni-style wise-assery and backtalk, he finally stopped talking for a while. And then Tasha gave him a really good one with the hairbrush. Yoni protested: "What was that for?" Tasha's answer: "You were BREATHING sarcastically!" No doubt he was....

Back in the days of spanking chatrooms, I chatted with a lady in Texas for several months. She worked at the corporate level for McDonald's and was going to be in Chicago for several weeks. She was a member of the corporate "bun team" no joke, they were designing a new hamburger bun. Anyway she came to a CM party but said she wasn't going to play just observe. I took another lady to my room and with her permission the lady from Texas watched me give a very good spanking. After the first woman left, the lady from Texas said "is that all there is? Is that the best you got." It was her way of asking for a spanking. I spanked her long and hard and when the spanking was finished, she said "thanks for the warmup, now I am going to see Big Jim, he promised me a hand spanking, how much can that hurt?" This lady was certainly a first class smart ass. Little did she know what she was getting into. I saw her later that night still rubbing her bottom. Big Jim kept asking at subsequent parties if the "lady from Texas" was ever coming back. Unfortunately for both of us, she never returned.

Hooking my heels into a high'ish stool while paddling Ten in the ballroom one night.... Realizing her squirming was going to topple us, and experiencing it in sloooooooowwwww mooooooooo while I could do nothing about it. Continuing to wrestle paddle her on the ground until my back seized!!! Had to cancel filming and spend Sunday in bed, but that was priceless and completely unforgettable!!

Yes I do remember Bonnie and Mel and the other members of the band of marauders. I was attacked by them once. I remember them giving me a hairbrush spanking before my 8 1/2 hour flight to London. They said, "something to remember us by."

Finding my stuffie "Meatball" hanging from a hotel cart in my room. He had a sad suicide note attached to him that was simply signed "woof".

Doing a little's Spanking scene with Richard Windsor, after administering 2 well smacked bottoms to Betty Crocker and myself, he read us a story as "Uncle Richard", in which he referred to Elmo as "that little fuck face."

The time we lost power at the hotel, someone actually asked "does anyone have candles?" Really? With all to BDSMers who are also spankos?