Code of Conduct

NOTE: When you sign the Application Form, you are agreeing to abide by the rules on this page. Read them completely, and if you have any questions, ask us to clarify. The Application form is a legally binding contract, so you had better understand what you are signing!

  1. All play must be conducted within the parameters of the CHICAGO CRIMSON MOON. guidelines, which are; a member based social organization dedicated to Safe, Sane, Consensual spanking play between consenting adults.
  2. Alcohol and drugs are not allowed in any party room provided by CHICAGO CRIMSON MOON. If you are under the influence or try to bring drugs or alcohol into any of our party suites, you will be asked to leave. Intoxication and whips and paddles just don't mix.

  3. Spanking and related practices (paddling, strapping, flogging, etc.) are the primary fetish activities permitted at CHICAGO CRIMSON MOON events. Bondage, domination and other mild aspects of BDSM are also permitted in public play areas.  Electrical and wax play, humiliation, and other more hardcore fetishes are limited to private rooms. Fire, blood and knife play are expressly forbidden anywhere in the party hotel.

  4. Play will always be limited to the spankees' discretion; if a spankee uses a safeword, then play must stop until such time as the spankee agrees that it may resume. Always remember this simple rule, "The spanker is in control, but the spankee is in charge!" EVERYONE is expected to help enforce the sanctity of safewords. If you hear a safeword used, watch to make sure the partner honors its use and intervene if they do not. Additionally, spanking someone does not give you the right to play with, fondle, or otherwise touch any parts of the body the spankee does not wish touched. If the spankee is in sub-space, or otherwise unable to express their wishes to the spanker, the spanker cannot go beyond the limits set by the spankee before play began. If no limits have been set prior to play (as they should be), you DO NOT have consent to do anything beyond spanking the spankee. IGNORING YOUR PARTNERS SAFEWORD, OR INAPROPRIATE AND UNWANTED GROPING, IS CAUSE FOR IMMEDIATE EXPULSION!!

  5. If someone turns down your invitation to play, accept it gracefully. NO, MEANS NO! Don't be pushy, you will have other opportunities to play. Be friendly and get to know the other people a bit, share stories and background. Make friends.

  6. The taking of pictures or video, either in the hospitality suites, or main party room,is only allowed with the permission of EVERYONE who is within the field of view. Assume you do NOT have permission to shoot, until after you have asked for and received permission from EVERYONE in sight. The management of CHICAGO CRIMSON MOON, reserves the right to decide photos may only be taken a prearranged location of our choosing. Please respect the privacy and discretion of others, as you would expect them to respect yours. Failure to do so, may result in your expulsion from the party.

  7. All play between members and guests of CHICAGO CRIMSON MOON. must occur within the hospitality suites or in the privacy of your hotel room. No public play in any other part of the hotel is allowed. Unless you are on a floor Crimson Moon Management has informed you is totally designated to our members, keep your door closed! Vanilla families and children are always in this hotel. Please respect their sensibilities.

  8. All first time attendees will attend a newcomers orientation conducted by Management prior to the official start of the party, at which these rules and safety measures will be discussed.

  9. If a problem arises, please immediately bring it to the attention of the CHICAGO CRIMSON MOON staff, immediately. We can't help you with a problem if you don't tell us about it!

  10. Any action taken against a person or persons for rules violations will be strictly left to the discretion of CHICAGO CRIMSON MOON Management, and our decision shall be final.

  11. While CHICAGO CRIMSON MOON is open to all people, regardless of race, creed, color, age, handicaps, sexual orientation, and/or sexual identification, as a private organization we reserve the right of refusal to any person or persons that we deem dangerous, or unsuitable for our social club.

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